Classic Engine Report Definition Schema Files

The Pentaho-Reporting Classic Engine defines two major report definitions formats. Both formats are accepted transparently, the engine automatically selects the correct parser for each XML file.

Information: Starting with version 0.8.10, these fileformats are deprecated. We guarantee that existing reports and existing features will continue to work, but none of these fileformats gets extended to support the new features introduced with 0.8.10 or any later version.

Classic Engine: Unified Fileformat Report Definition Schema Files

As of Version 0.8.10 the Pentaho-Reporting Classic Engine starts to use a ODF-based compound fileformat for all report definitions and all reporting related files.

A report-bundle (file-extension: prpt) is basically a ZIP file with some additional meta-data. The ZIP structure and the meta-data is described in the OpenOffice-ODF standard chapter 3 (MetaData) and 17 (Packages).

DataSource Definition Schema Files

The Pentaho-Reporting Engines can reference several types of datasources. The data-sources can be described in XML. The XML definition can either be defined inline in the report-definition files or can be defined in an external file.

Other Schema Files

Warning: The following DTDs are ancient now and are most likely no longer acceptable for newer versions of the Pentaho Reporting Engines. These historic definitions are kept for documentation purposes only.

Last Changed: 2008-Jul-01